BVLGARI B-Zero1 Three Element Bracelet K18 WG YG PG Gold
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 The information about buying BVLGARI B-Zero1 Three Element Bracelet K18 WG YG PG Gold.

 Publication date: 1/28/2020

Evaluator: Shop manager

Customer residence: Chiba prefecture

The way of buying: Over-the-counter

 Genre: Brand Jewelry

Brand name: BVLGARI

Product name: B-Zero1 Three Element Bracelet

Color: Yellow gold, White gold, Pink gold

Category: Bracelet

Material: 750 K18 Gold

Actual size: The wrist circumference:18.5cm

 Weight : 9.5g

Accessory(What this item comes with): BVLGARI’s original box

Description of BVLGARI B-Zero1 Three Element Bracelet

Three Colors are wonderful Bracelet.

BVLGARI B-Zero1 Three Element design is remarkable.

You can fit the size of its bracelet by working the lever to open the
clasp and release it and choose one of two rings to close.

We bought it with its original box.

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